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Advantages of Online DVD Rentals

More and more movie and television lovers are turning to online DVD rental services every day. Instead of flocking to their local video stores, they're searching the websites of companies like Netflix and Blockbuster, adding movies to their queues, and kicking back and waiting for their selections to arrive. Why have so many customers chosen online DVD rental services over local, bricks-and-mortar video stores? There are five major advantages to renting DVDs online.

1. Managing Your Entertainment Budget

When you use an online monthly DVD service, you'll pay one low, set fee per month. You'll always know exactly how much you're going to spend on DVD rentals in a month. This makes it easy for you to budget this part of your entertainment expenses. When you belong to a local video store, you can never be sure how many movies you'll rent in a month, or whether you'll forget to return one and pay a late charge, and so this portion of your entertainment budget will be in constant flux.

2. Saving Money

There are a myriad of ways customers save money with an online monthly DVD service. Given gas prices these days, you can save money simply by staying at home. You don't have to drive to the store to pick up and return your movies, and the DVD rental service will pay all shipping charges for you, both ways. You'll also save money on late fees, since you never have to pay them.

Most significantly, especially for those who watch many DVDs a month, the per DVD cost will be much lower than renting at the store. Consider the following example. Say you rent eight DVDs a month, on average, from your local video store. With typical costs you'll end up spending almost 50% more on rental fees alone than you would by purchasing a three at-a-time plan from Netflix or Blockbuster.

3. Saving Time

Using a bricks-and-mortar video store for your movie and television DVD rentals requires no small expenditure of time. You have to drive, potentially fighting traffic, all the way to the store. You then have to physically browse through the movies title by title until you find the DVD you are looking for. Next, you have to wait in line at the check out counter, and, finally, you have to drive home once again.

With online DVD rental services, however, the only investment of time you make is building your queue. You can find desired titles instantly by typing them into the website's search engine. You can add them to your list in less than a second with a mere click of the mouse. Once you've built a good-sized list, you don't even need to visit the "store" to continue receiving your DVDs—they'll be mailed to you one at a time from the list you've built. Instead of driving all the way to the video store to return a movie, you need only drop it off in your own mailbox.

4. Gaining Access to a Much Wider Selection

Online DVD rental services maintain inventories of millions of DVDs and stock upwards to 85,000 different titles. They carry tens of thousands of more titles than even the largest bricks-and-mortar video stores. In addition to all of the most popular genres and new releases, these online rental services have obscure special interest films, independent and foreign films you might not find in your local video store, and virtually any television series that's ever been put on to DVD. Often, they'll stock a new release title before your local video store ever does.

5. Enhancing Your Overall Entertainment Experience

Online DVD rental services provide customers with a host of tools for enhancing their entertainment experience. You can interact with friends in online communities, make recommendations, read an informative variety of customer and critical reviews, rate movies, and even receive recommendations based on your ratings and genre preferences. As soon as you think of a title you'd like to see, you can add it to your queue, even if it has not yet been released. (You can "save" these titles so that they will automatically be added to your list when they are released). You can build your own list of movies and prioritize them in the order you'd like to see them. Online DVD rental services make it possible for you to organize and expand upon your movie and television viewing choices in a convenient and fun way.

Whether you want to more easily manage your entertainment budget, save money, save time, broaden your access to a variety of DVD titles, or enhance your overall DVD renting and viewing experience, online rental DVD services are the way to go.

There are clearly many benefits, and you can also learn that how DVD rental services work is really quite simple.

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